Fishing Craze

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Fishing Craze is an arcade game developed by the company, Joju Games. The main characters consist of a couple and the player can choose between Janice and Michael or Vince and Mary. After choosing the lake in which the rowboat will sail, the player must navigate the vessel horizontally to areas with an abundance of fish. In order to catch the fish with the line and hook, the player must click the mouse on the moving targets. Once the fish reach the surface of the water, they will fly in the air and the player must catch as many as possible to earn their corresponding points. Each level comes with a time limit, so the player must catch the required number of fish in order to get bronze, silver, or gold ribbons.

Enemies can appear during the fishing expedition, and they will try to snatch the flying fish from the air. In addition, the rowboat has a limited capacity for carrying fish, so the player must unload the catch periodically before catching more fish. More boats can be purchased by catching power-up bubbles and spending them on extra vessels. These bubbles can also be collected by finding ancient artifacts and pearls. Underwater obstacles include electric eels, whales, and swordfish among others.