Fishdom H2O - Hidden Odyssey

Playrix Entertainment (Shareware)

Fishdom H2O – Hidden Odyssey is a hidden-object video game developed by Playrix Entertainment. It is part of the Fishdom game series and was initially released on July 15, 2009. In this game, a graduating marine biologist named Jennifer is in a mission to get the Best Aquarium Award. To do this, the player must help Jennifer create the best aquarium, which is the ultimate goal of the game.

In order to achieve the goal, it requires players to gather enough money to buy fish, ornaments, and other necessities to make the aquarium healthy and beautiful. In order to do this, Jennifer must dive into the ocean and the player must help Jennifer find hidden items that can be exchanged for cash.

The game has two game modes – Relaxed and Timed. Both game modes follow the same gameplay. The only difference is that in Timed mode, the player has to finish collecting the hidden objects within the given time. The types of objects the player can find vary depending on what the level requires. There are four types of items – Trinkets, Collectible, Gold Rush, and Quick Eye. In Trinkets, the player is given a list of items to find. In Collectible, the player has to find groups of items of the same kind. In Gold Rush, the player must collect as many gold items as possible. Getting all the gold items gives the player a Gold Rush. In the Quick Eye, the player has to find one of the three items from the given list.