Fishdom 2 - Premium Edition 1.3

Playrix (Shareware)

Fishdom 2 - Premium Edition is an aquarium simulation match-3 game developed by the company, Playrix. In this game, the player fills up fish tanks with all sorts of exotic fish, brightly-colored plants and accessories, and useful aquarium items like lamps, heaters, and filters. Players have free reign over the decorating method of each fish tank – different elements like statues, buildings, and artifacts can be placed anywhere in the tank to make it personalized. Once the player is done adding decorations, s/he can take a photo of it to set as the computer’s wallpaper or share with friends.

Each of the fish tanks in the game has its own theme and needs to be unlocked by the player. One of the aquariums is named Evergreen Oasis and features an Egyptian feel to it while the one named Merworld resembles the kingdom of the sea god, Poseidon. These four basic aquariums can be used as a base for the player’s personalized tanks. The match-3 aspect of this game requires the player to clear each level by forming 3-item matches of the same item. By completing a level, the player can earn points that can be used to buying more fish and new items.