Fish Tycoon

Last Day of Work (Shareware)

Fish Tycoon is a real-time virtual fish breeding game, which is created and developed by independent company Last Day of Work. The player takes on the role of a fish breeder whose goal is to discover the genetic makeup of the seven ‘magic’ fish of the island, Isola. To solve this genetic puzzle, the player must cross-breed different types of fish. There are more than 400 breeds, some more difficult to produce depending on the player’s resources. Research points are necessary to make sure that rare fish breeds survive, and these points cost money. In order to purchase research upgrades, the player will have to sell fully mature fish from the tank. The rarer the breed is, the higher the price.

Since the game runs in real time, the player must keep t rack of the game’s progress from time to time. However, there is an option to pause the game so that the real-time feature is deactivated. Discovering the magic fish breeds gives the player an advantage, as these species possess special abilities that aid the other fish in the tank. To keep the fish healthy until maturity, the player must purchase supplies that will improve their living conditions and provide them proper nourishment and medication.