firstobject XML Editor

First Objective Software, Inc. (Freeware)

Firstobject XML Editor is an XML editing program developed by First Object Software, Inc. also known as foxe in Windows. This lightweight yet high-performing program is designed for developing a website. The program lets users edit XML and HTML files used for website developing and programming. Dealing with a collection of codes is a tedious task unless an expert will does the job. Its features make learning easier for those trying to learn about XML building and editing.

The program offers an easy to use interface that makes tree view editable in the simplest way possible. Texts used for coding possess different colors, allowing users to find syntaxes faster than using regular black font. This also aids in promoting accurate code editing knowing that developers can easily search for the syntaxes. Word wrap feature is also available that gives way to comfortable and convenient viewing. There is no need to drag the scroll just to see long codes.

The XML Editor is also easy to download application because of its small file size. Despite the file size, it is still a fully functional platform ideal for editing modern XML files. It operates efficiently in the computer, guaranteeing faster editing procedures than using other programs. Firstobject XML Editor also comes with MSXML-based DTD validation. Even with this feature, the software does not require additional plugins to function like MSXML or Java.