Totalidea Software (Shareware)

FireTune by Totalidea Software is an optimization tool designed to improve the performance of Firefox. This specific function of this utility is to configure connection and speed settings. This program is easy to use. First time users of this application need to erase cookies and clear the cache before the changes are made. There is a list of pertinent data provided and the user can decide how fast the Internet connection is. This application is particularly useful to people who use older and slower computers. This program immediately solves issues due slow connectivity as well.

This is a free application that has proven useful to Firefox users especially since it offers optimization without the need for manual configuration. Nevertheless, the optimization parameters can be set up by the user as well. For instance, users of this application can set the caching of objects and establish memory usage optimization. FireTune for Firefox browsers also offers users with add-ons such as auto-completion of URL.

FireTune works equally well whether the computer system runs on Linux, Mac, or Windows. This program is meant for the use of beginners. However, advanced users can benefit from this application as well. This program is designed to support the Firefox browser portable editions.