Firefox Ultimate Optimizer

felipEx (Freeware)

Firefox Ultimate Optimizer is a utility used to optimize the performance of the Mozilla Firefox browser and significantly reduce the computer’s CPU and memory usage. It is able to decrease the RAM, or random access memory, used by Mozilla Firefox without causing the system or the Firefox browser to crash. The memory saved by this utility may be used by other programs that may have more need of it. This results to a faster program launching time and a more optimized computer performance.

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular browsers utilized by Internet users. There are instances, however, that this Web navigation program uses up an excessive amount of memory. This makes other running programs function at a slower pace, and make Firefox itself lag. This issue is addressed by Firefox Ultimate Optimizer. With this application, RAM usage of the browser with 14 tabs on a Windows XOP SP2 system can be reduced from 62 MB to less than 0.5 MB. Neither the system nor the browser will experience instability issues while the application is running.

Installation and browser configuration are not necessary to run the program. Users have the option to set the application to start automatically.