IgD Software, LLC (Shareware)

FireBurner is a full-featured and compact CD-R/W burning application which is used to burn audio, a mixed mode CD, and custom data. Almost all types of CD formats may be used with the program. WAV and MP3 files do not have to be converted before the burning process. The program is also able to Bin/Cue image files from disks. PCM and ISO audio tracks from image files may also be burned.

Its interface is user-friendly, has a number of program features, and can be used by new and expert computer users. The BinChunker feature allows for tracks to be extracted from Cue/Bin disc images. Disks are scanned, image files are reviewed from corruption by the EDC/ECC error checking function. Burn Proof is also supported. Device capabilities and status information are also provided through detailed lists. The program is small in terms of size since it is only one .exe file. Images from Playstation CDs can also be burned using the application. Audio content as well as other data from CDs can be copied using FireBurner. Custom CDs can also be made via source directories and files. In addition, the drag and drop facility is available in this program. Records done on CD-R/W drives are made using TAO, DAO16, DAO96, and SAO.