FireArc Arcade 0.1.29

FireArc (Freeware)

FireArc Arcade is a program that enables users to play games with their Skype contacts. The application has versions for Windows, Ubuntu, and Mac OS. Both users must have the program installed in their computers in order for them to play the games together. The games can be played free of charge. Several games can be played using the application. Some of them are:

• Chess – Users can play the classic game of chess while chatting with a Skype contact. The chess board appears on the left side of the window and the Skype chat window remains accessible.
• Table Tennis – The Table Tennis game is based on the 1972 game called Pong. In the game, players use a paddle to pass the ball back and forth. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.
• Navy Ships – Navy Ships is based on the classic game of Battleship where users take turns guessing the position of ships. The player who sinks all the opponent’s ships wins.
• Line Up 4 – This game is based on the 1974 game Connect Four. Players take turns placing chips on a grid. The aim is to connect four chips of the same color. The player who gets the most matches wins.
• Tic-Tac-Toe – In this game, players take turns placing Xs and Os on the board. The player who gets three Xs and Os in a line is declared the winner.