Finite State Machine Editor

Fabrizio Morbini (Freeware)

The Finite State Machine Editor is a simple program for editing SCXML state machines. It is a lightweight tool created in Java for tweaking networks using SCXML. Through the JGraphX library, this program allows users to edit state machines and export projects as image format, HTML, and mxGraph editor files (MXE). Further, it also features auto-layout tools.

When developing general finite state machines, developed data are saved in files that are similar to Qt Designer. Then the files are converted to C++ format. This application consists of three key components – the diagram, the object editor, and the object tree.

The FSME application has a drag-and-drop feature for easy and convenient operation. Users can drag input or events. This feature comes handy when building graphical user interfaces and editing SCXML state machines. The JGraphX library is used as the base where users can amend data using the graph editor included. For navigation, users can choose an element in the object tree or click on an element in the diagram. The Object Editor is context-sensitive.

Here are some of the tasks the Finite State Machine Editor can do:

• Edit SCXML State Machine
• Search function through Apache Lucene
• Support scr
• Auto-layout capability with a possibility for manual layout
• Export graphviz format