Fingerprint Solution

Egis Technology Inc. (Shareware)

Fingerprint Solution or BioExcess is a fingerprint authentication application for protecting computers. An EgisTec sensor must be used together with the security application. Fingerprint Solution has a different authorization feature that makes it safer for users to access and keep important data in their computers. Users must log in to the computer using a fingerprint and a password. Multiple users can be supported by the application.

The program offers several features that make it more convenient for users to access computers securely. The program has a SwipeOne tool that combines the application launcher with online account management. With this, users can log in to websites with just a finger swipe. It also has a finger-activated application launcher that allows users to open certain websites or programs by using a specific finger.

Fingerprint Solution comes with a Secure Drive. Files and important documents can be stored inside Secure Drive for safekeeping. The tool is not visible to other users can only be opened by swiping a finger.  

Additional features of the Fingerprint Solution application are the following:
• Support for data and backup restore
• Sidebar gadget for Windows Vista and Windows 7
• Multi-sensor support
• Fast user switch system
• Multi-launcher