FinePrint Software, LLC (Shareware)

The FinePrint application is a universal print previewer that is also packed with editing features that are useful before printing documents. With the program, users can easily preview all the pages before they are printed. Users can zoom in and zoom out, delete some of the pages, and remove blank pages, too. Users can also fill out forms using the editing tools. Apart from that, a signature can be added to the document simply by pasting it. All the buttons for the basic editing tools can be found on the window.

Apart from performing basic editing tasks before printing, the FinePrint software also enables users to remove graphics from saved web pages, turn colored pages into Greyscale to save ink, and many more. Graphics and text can be moved from page to page by selecting the Snapshot tool and selecting the portion of the page to be moved to a different page. This feature allows users to save on paper, especially when there are plenty of pages to be printed out.

Other features of the program include the following:
Archive print jobs
Printing of multiple pages on one sheet
Print electronic letterheads
Double-sided printing
Booklet printing

The FinePrint program is compatible with all printers and Windows programs.