FinePixViewer S

FUJIFILM Corporation (Proprietary)

FinePixViewer S is a photo and image management tool developed by Fujifilm and shipped with its line of digital cameras. This program handles playback support for still images and movies taken by Finepix digital cameras, as well as audio support for movie playback. For image playback, it supports several file formats including JPEG, BMP, TIFF, CCD-RAW, and PICT, among others. It also handles AVI, MOV, and MPEG1 for video playback, and WAV, AIFF, and MP3 for audio playback.

The FinePixViewer S user interface features a grey theme with five main windows. The Folder tree display area located on the leftmost portion of the interface shows the local folder paths in the system. Right beside it sits the Thumbnail display area which displays the thumbnail previews of any image or video inside a selected folder. In the middle, the Playback Pane shows a larger preview of a selected thumbnail from the previous window. It also displays some information like the file name, file type, resolution, file size, and dates added or modified. The rightmost window shows the FinePix Internet Service Menu which enables the users to register and order prints for their images. The last window, the Playback Application display area located on the bottom leftmost portion of the interface, enables users to switch among different playback applications. These windows may be hidden from the main interface when not in use.