Fine Metronome 3.5.0

Fine Software (Shareware)

Fine Metronome is an application that allows musicians and composers to keep a steady tempo when playing or composing music. The program is a virtual metronome that is easy to use even for beginners. The tempo has a visual representation that users can make use of by adding notations. This program offers different kinds of sounds that users can select. There are about a dozen built-in sounds, but users can also add downloaded sounds from the Internet, as the program supports any WAV file.

The program’s window can be maximized and minimized. When minimized, the beats are represented by a flashing light. In addition, users are free to customize the appearance of the program by tweaking the default settings. This allows users to utilize a setup that will work best with their needs. Beats from the program can also be exported to handy devices for portability. The program can export MP3 and WAV files.

Other features of the Fine Metronome application are the following:

• comes with Flamenco and Latin beats as presets
• support for metronome tempo from 1 to 999 beats per minute
• comes with a practice diary
• support for gamepad or joystick controls
• has built-in meter and tempo settings