Finding Doggy 1

Jaibo Games (Shareware)

Finding Doggy is a match-3 computer game where players must help a dog find his way back home to grandmother’s farm. At the beginning of the game, the dog falls asleep behind a truck and is taken to the market. The game screen consists of a grid with different items. Players must match three or more items by swapping them. Clearing the board opens a path for the dog. There is also a smaller map on the bottom left side of the screen to help players see where obstacles are located. The game gets harder as the game progresses. Aside from the match-3 levels, there are also mini-games players will encounter in the game, such as a puzzle where tiles must be swapped to complete a picture.

Other features of the Finding Doggy game are the following:

• Six unlockable game wallpapers that can be used for the user’s desktop
• Different characters to meet along the way
• 50 game levels to complete

Finding Doggy offers two game modes – Story Mode and Endless Mode. In Story Mode, players must complete a level before moving on to the next. All 50 levels must be completed to find out what happens in the story. In Endless Mode, players are free to play without a time limit.