Finderbar Engine


Released to run on Windows operating systems, the Finderbar Engine makes it possible for users to apply and enjoy Mac-style toolbars on their desktops. Aside from the Mac OSX toolbars, this particular program also makes it possible for users to have the same drop-down menus default to Mac computers. The toolbar installed can function side-by-side with the existing toolbars installed under the Windows system. This allows users to make the most of their computer systems by having the opportunity to rely on all aspects of both toolbars from Windows and Mac OSX. This is a piece of software that is intended for those who prefer to have both sets of navigational features readily available.

Users that rely on the Finderbar Engine software can easily convert their desktops to mimic those that can be found on Mac OSX systems without having to compromise the existing Windows applications. Installing the software is simple and installation automatically creates the desired toolbars and menus upon completion. There are editing supplements that come with the program. These are configuration tools that make it easy for the software users to configure the toolbars and menus to their liking. Aside from this, users can also manage the menus that they have installed under one organized target window.