RT Systems, Inc (Freeware)

FindComPort is a program developed for testing and checking the ComPort or cable connection of a machine. Aside from that, the program will also determine if a cable is connected and where is it connected. This application deals with serial cables and USB cables.

Before running FindComPort, users must set up the devices for identification by installing the drivers and then connecting the USB cables of these devices to the computer. After running the application, the cable will respond and the “X” determines the ComPort designation. This process is done only if the users are using a cable with an application requiring a ComPort to be set up. Otherwise, the software will automatically find the cable. When the cable is identified on a ComPort, users can select the ComPort from the list.

FindComPort can also be used to determine if there is a problem with a cable or the ComPort setup of a machine. It can also be used for additional testing on the cable. Users can measure the voltage on the cable to make sure that there is current. However, users need to have a Volt or Ohm meter and set it to 20 volts of direct current when testing.