Find MAC Address 3.8

Lizard Systems (Shareware)

Find MAC Address is a program that can be used in in order to detect the MAC address of a computer that is connected to a network. This utility is originally designed for professionals and advanced computer users, but because of its interface, beginners can easily find their way around it. The program can complete the task in one minute and does not use up a lot of resources.

Find MAC Address is designed to sweep an IP range as well as the entire local system or network. It can determine the address of a remote computer or work station that is within range. The information that the user gets once the task is completed include the IP, the name of the active systems, the vendor, and the MAC address. Reports of the scan may be exported to HTML, CSV, and TXT.

It is equipped with a GUI that is easy to use. The application works by employing a scanning process that retrieves the MAC address of computers that are connected to the network. A multi-panel layout is available to users. They can configure this panel and choose the exact method for determining the required details. Find MAC Address offers users choices such as SNMP, NetBIOS, WMI, NetAPI, and ARP. A manual is provided so that rookie users can make an informed decision from among the options the given.