Bitberry Software (Freeware)

FinalTorrent is a free and open-sourced program that enables users to download a variety of files and multimedia content such as videos, music, photos, documents, software, etc. This program is a type of a BitTorrent client that facilitates downloads through torrent files. BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol that enables users to download files into segments. It is often used to transfer large-sized data over a number of users. A torrent is a file that contains the metadata of the files to be downloaded. Torrent files connect the user to a tracker, which manages the file sharing.

FinalTorrent’s main feature is its user-friendly interface that is designed for beginners. It requires minimal configuration compared to other torrent-downloading software. The program has its own built-in torrent search engine that lets users search torrent files on the internet without the need to open their web browser. Once a user locates a torrent file, it can be imported to FinalTorrent, which will begin the download process instantly. FinalTorrent has its own download library that organizes the user’s downloaded files into categories. Users can also open their downloaded files using FinalTorrent.

Final Torrent has four main tabs. The first one is the “Home” tab that provides the user with options to search for torrent files, or open downloaded files. The second is the “Search” tab, which allows users to conduct advanced search of torrent files by adding search filters. The third tab contains the Library, which displays the user’s downloaded files according to category. This tab can also open or play the downloaded files. The final tab contains the “Download” tab, which displays the current download progress of torrent files. It provides info on the number of Seeders (active users that share files segments), Leechers (users who are also downloading the file), download speed, and downloaded file percentage.