Finale Reader for Windows

MakeMusic Inc. (Shareware)

Finale Reader for Windows is a music application that can play music notes recorded on music files. It has the ability to read entire music sheets and play them immediately. A number of buttons help in playing the music notes. The "play button" plays the notes in succession. "Backwards" plays the notes in reverse while "Fast Forward" plays the notes faster. There is the option to adjust the song's speed when playing. There is also the option to play only a part of the music sheet and loop it over and over. The song's key can also be decreased and increased. When done, the notes on the sheets appear lower and higher in the octave.

Finale Reader is primarily used for practicing and teaching music. Zooming on the notes is possible, allowing users to take a closer look. Also, clicking on a note plays it. The program has the ability to play multiple musical instruments.

In addition to music sheets, XML files can also be imported to the application. Also, the program has its own proprietary file type – finale family. Files created through the program can be printed. It can also be attached to an email, thus facilitating music study even when the software is not running or the computer is turned off.

The program is now renamed Finale Notepad.