Finale® NotePad for Windows 2012

MakeMusic Inc. (Shareware)

Finale® NotePad for Windows is music annotation software that is mainly used in music composition or arrangement. It is especially helpful in the creation of a piano solo, guitar tablature, choral music, or arrangement making a jazz combo, to name a few. This application allows a user to form simple scores on the printed page via a MIDI keyboard or simply one’s computer keyboard. Using the latter, scores are created by typing in their respective names. In addition, MusicXML and MIDI files can also be imported to the printed page.

This application allows one to be creative by choosing clef, instrument transposition, and key signatures. Scores of up to eight instruments can be created from 128 built-in instrument sounds available. Tempo markings are simple to add and can be dragged anywhere they is designated. Aside from notes, other markings such as rests and lyrics can be added. When lyrics are typed in, Finale® NotePad for Windows automatically place them under their respective notes with precision and a publisher like quality. Ideas are not only quickly captured with this application but can be easily listened to as well. With its Human Playback feature, scores are played back with high-quality professional sounds. When compositions are completed, they can either be printed out or shared to other users of Notepad and Finale software.