FinalBuilder 7 IDE

VSoft Technologies Pty Ltd (Shareware)

FinalBuilder 7 IDE is a Windows build automation tool developed by VSoft Technologies. It provides users with a single tool for automating the building, testing, and releasing processes of software. The program works by providing a unified GUI for authoring and executing build projects. Once the user defines the project, it can be run through either a command line program or graphical interface to start the build project. The program offers built-in “actions” used to automate different tasks as well to interface with several third-party programs. These “actions” are integrated with the program’s GUI for easy build process.

FinalBuilder provides the following features:

• Graphical Interface Structure – The structure of the program’s GUI is designed specifically to assist throughout the build process. All the available “actions” can be executed within the GUI. Users do not need to have XML knowledge to execute the program.
• More Than 600 Built-in Actions – All the common build process tasks are available in FinalBuilder’s pre-written actions. These actions are also integrated with existing version control systems, compilers, and testing tools.
• Flow Control – The program also offers Try and Catch actions specifically designed for handling localized errors.
• Scheduled Builds – FinalBuilder is integrated with the scheduling service of Windows. This enables users to schedule the build process

FinalBuilder also features integrated debugging, detailed logging, support for email/FTP/MSN/SFTP, version control integration, and more.