Westwood Studios(tm) (Freeware)

Final Alert is a map editor program for real-time strategy combat games, Red Alert2 and Yuri’s Revenge. Red Alert is the prequel to another game, COMMAND & CONQUER: TIBERIAN DAWN. This editor allows users to create maps of the game, for both single player missions and multiplayer modes. On top of this, it also allows adding of special effects on the map created like creating scripts, light and sound effects. The program has a user-friendly interface which supports users of different experience levels on creating simple and complex maps, with the Advanced Mode offering more detailed editing.

With Final Alert, users are able to create map and map structures like bridges, cliffs and tunnels.  There are options available for creating each. For instance, users can create cliffs by placing each cliff tile at a time or by using the Cliff Set function under the Terrain/ Ground menu which is the more advanced option for cliff building. Users can edit lighting to enhance the appearance of the game using the Lighting Settings. They can select from normal and weather storm settings based on the requirement of the map they created. On both lighting settings, one can edit parameters including normal, level, red, green, and blue. Users can also develop triggers which are switches dictating events within the game. It can be activated by a number of things, destruction of structures, or time. Other settings are available for editing on the Advanced mode.