Final Fantasy XIV

SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. (Proprietary)

Final Fantasy XIV is a fantasy-action role-playing game developed by Square Enix and was released in September 2010. Final Fantasy XIV is the fourteenth game produced by Square Enix under the Final Fantasy series, and the second one to feature a massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) genre. In this type of video game genre, the players assume the role of a fictional character, which they guide along as the game progresses. Its massive multiplayer aspect allows a large number of players interact with one another in the game’s virtual world.

Final Fantasy XIV is set in the land of Eorzea where it is populated by different races with different job classes. The game’s main antagonist is the Garlean Empire, which threaten to conquer Eorzea’s nations. Final Fantasy XIV players can choose between five playable races. These include Hyurians (Humans), the Elezen, forest and cave-dwelling elves who are expert archers, and the Lalafell, humanoids that resemble children possessing high intelligence. Other races include the muscular, sea-faring Roegadyn, and the Miqo’te, humanoids possessing cat-like features. Players can customize their character’s physical features, such as hair style, hair color and facial features, as well as the character’s gender.

In addition to races, players can choose between various job classes that focus on different types of combat. Each class has its own attribute strengths and weaknesses. Players first assume a “Base Class” which levels up to a stronger Job Class. These include:
• Archer/ Bard – Bards use songs to boost their party’s attributes or to weaken their enemies.
• Thaumaturge/ Black Mage – Black Mages specialize in elemental and dark magic spells.
• Lancer/ Dragoon – Dragoons use jump attacks that surprise their enemies. Jump attacks deal physical damage from afar.
• Pugilist/ Monks – Monks specialize in hand-to-hand combat using their fists
• Gladiators/ Paladin – Paladins engage in close combat and uses white magic skills to increase defense and resistance.
• Arcanist/ Summoner – Summoners call and control summon creatures, which provide support in combat.
• Marauder/ Warrior– Warriors are masters of all aspects of melee combat.
• Conjurer/ White Mage – a White Mage uses a variety of healing and support spells that boost party members fighting capability.

Final Fantasy XIV also features an “Armory System” which enables a player to change classes by equipping a different class of a weapon. Weapons and other items can be purchased from vendors in the game or it can be acquired by looting an opponent.