FINAL FANTASY XI Official Benchmark 3 3

SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. (Freeware)

Final Fantasy XI Official Benchmark 3 is a tool that enables users to test the capability of their computer to run Final Fantasy XI. Final Fantasy XI is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game developed by Square Enix and released in May 2002. A benchmarking tool is a program used to analyze the relative performance of installed software. This application runs tests that determine if a computer’s hardware and system components can handle the requirements of a particular software. Final Fantasy XI Official Benchmark 3 works by testing Final Fantasy XI’s compatibility to the computer’s graphics, internal memory, audio, and other hardware and system components. This program allows users to determine whether the video game will run smoothly once installed, or would have quirks in graphics and other runtime elements. Final Fantasy XI Official Benchmark 3 provides users with information about the hardware and system components that need upgrading or adjusting, or if the user needs to change in-game settings for the game to run smoothly.

Final Fantasy XI Official Benchmark 3 features a simple user interface that has three main control parts. The first part contains options for Playmode, which includes “benchmark” and “demonstration”. The next part allows users to select between high and low resolution. The program interface also contains buttons to start the benchmark process and close the program.