Final Fantasy VII

Square (Proprietary)

Final Fantasy VII is an RPG (role-playing game) that is the 7th installment in the Final Fantasy series of games. The game follows the story of Cloud Strife who joined a band of rebels. Their main goal is to stop Shinra corporation from draining the planet’s life energy. The game features 3D graphics and 3D characters. Players can show off with in-game accomplishments and achievements to unlock. There is a character booster that can be activated with a single click. Using this will increase the character’s HP, MP, and Gil to the maximum level. It also features cloud saves. This means players can continue the game in another computer as long as there is Internet connection.

Final Fantasy VII has 3 major areas. The overworld map is where the player will travel between locations in the game. There are enemies in the overworld that players can battle. Traversing the overworld can be done by foot, by riding a chocobo, and other vehicles. The fields are the game’s locations such as towns and cities. The battle screen is the third major area. The field will be a representation of the current area. This is where the players will battle with the enemies.

Other features of the game are the following:
• Materia – orbs that possess magic.
• Limit Breaks – a bar that gets recharged every time the character is damaged. When it is full, the character is capable of attacking with great power.
• Summons – Players can summon the likes of Shiva and Odin.