Final Drive Nitro

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Final Drive Nitro is a 3D racing video game developed and released by WildTangent Games in 2011. A Racing game is a video game genre where players compete in various motorsports using customizable vehicles. Racing games focuses on driving skills and features actual driving controls such as steering, brakes, acceleration, including advanced moves like drifting and nitro boost. The player’s goal is to finish the race in first place or to clear laps in the shortest time possible.

Final Drive Nitro features a futuristic racing theme with high-performance cars and tracks that allow power slides and high-flying jumps. The game allows the player to choose between a selection of concept sports cars such as the Schreken 29, Sualka Respekt, Eastwood 4000, Mobius Bordeaux, Beckham Predator, Honda Civic SI, and the Diagoro SXI. Final Drive Nitro also has race tracks that feature different scenarios. Players can select between Desert Outpost, Seaside Future, Urban Night, Cloud City, Reverse Desert Outpost , Reverse Cloud City, Reverse Seaside Future, and Reverse Urban Night. Players may choose between the default arrow key steering controls or they can set it according their own preferred keys. In addition, players can set general race difficulty, automatic or manual gear shifting, vehicle class, opponents, and the number of laps. Final Drive Nitro has several race categories such as Instant Race, Career Race, Contest Race, and Practice Race.

Players can earn money and points by competing in races. Winning cash prizes allows the player to upgrade their vehicle attributes for increased performance. These attributes include Handling, Turbo, Acceleration, Nitro, Top Speed, Braking, and car body parts and accessories. An added game feature allows the player to play their choice of music from a CD or a folder while racing.