Final Draft

Final Draft Inc. (Shareware)

Final Draft is a screenwriting program that automatically formats scripts. It supports script formats from film, theater, and TV. Aside from writing scripts and screenplays, the program can also be used to create graphic novels, outlines, manuscripts, and other documents. Some features of the application are the following:

• Panel System – The program’s panel allows writers to synchronize and have access to all their scripts in just one location. The screen will be split in different sections so that files can be compared side by side or different files can be accessed all at the same time.
• ScriptNotes – ScriptNotes is a feature that keeps all script notes in small windows that pop up on a document. The notes appear as pop-ups so that they don’t add clutter to the script.
• Includes Templates – Users can just input their script on the document as the application has ready-made writing templates.
• SmartType – This feature serves as the user’s assistant when writing scripts. It remembers words that are often used and automatically types them out upon recognizing the first few letters. This applies to character names, places, transitions, and headings.
• Revision Mode – Revision Mode allows the user to track all the changes that have been made on the script from the first draft down up to the final draft.