FilterCAD Application 3.0

Linear Technology (Freeware)

FilterCAD 3.0 is a design application which is used to create filter models. The application provides users with the ability to enter the parameters of the filter to create a graphical representation of the frequency. Creating an analog filter allows users to comply with whatever restriction there is for the specification and implementation. Designing a complex filter network usually requires the use of advanced technology as well as substantial user knowledge and experience in filter design, but with this application, users who do not have special expertise can create filters with ease.

This program is able to modify the process of analog filter design and implementation to make the task simple for users of all skill levels. It has the capability to shorten the lengthy process of choosing and creating the best filter with just a series of mouse clicks. Based on what users input for the filter parameters, FilterCAD creates a filter response and then implements that response into useful circuits through the Linear Technology switched-capacitor filter IC or active RC.

FilterCAD will recognize bandpass, lowpass, highpass, and notchfilters with various responses including Bessel, Butterworth, Chebyshey, minimum Q elliptic, and elliptic responses. Moreover, this application can help users design a custom filter to meet arbitrary specifications. It has two distinct features: Quick Design and Enhanced Design. The latter implements a thorough filter design and implementation process, while the former implements an immediate response to filter questions.