Filter Forge 3.011

Filter Forge, Inc. (Shareware)

Filter Forge is a plug-in tool for Adobe Photshop developed by Filter Forge, Inc. It can also work as a standalone program. It is mainly used for creating, applying and defining filters. It offers a Filter Editor, which is visual node-based, used for creating filters such as effects, textures, frames, distortions, backgrounds and more. It also offers an Online Filter Library. This library is composed of more than 9000 filters created and submitted by other users. The program offers direct access to this library on its interface. All filters (whether downloaded or created) are adjustable and editable. They also support HDRI lighting and are resolution-independent.

The program is also capable of generating specular, diffuse, normal or bum maps for filters, which is mostly used for creating 3D environments, game content or architectural visualization. Filters created using this program also support seamless tiling, which works whether the filter is user-created or downloaded from the library. The application can support for 16-bit and 32-bit image mode using its floating-point rendering pipeline. It also utilizes Smart Anti-Aliasing. However, the program only uses this technology to areas that makes aliasing artifacts. A preview window is available as well, which offers pan and zoom functions while rendering. It is also possible to save filter settings as presets to be used in the future.