Filmotech 3.20 (32-bit)

Pascal Pluchon (Freeware)

Filmotech is a cataloging program used for managing information for movie libraries. This application allows users to keep track of all their CD, Blu-ray, and DVD titles in just one location. The application has an intuitive user interface with all the task and command buttons located at the top portion of the main window. These buttons include Cover, Statistics, Publish, Import and Export, Lent, and a few more. Users can import and edit information for each item in the collection. This includes the title, summary, actors and directors, genre, running time, and year. Users can also add their own comments and rate the movie, 10 being the highest score.

Other features of the Filmotech cataloging application are the following:

• Support for searching movie information from different movie databases on the Internet
• “Lent” list for keeping track of discs that were lent to friends
• Users have control of information to display on list mode
• Displays statistics of movies in the collection
• Support for MySQL and Local databases

Filmotech also has a cover printing feature that enables users to easily print out covers for discs. There are layouts for VHS, CDs, and DVDs built-in to the application, but users can also create a customized cover.