HummerStudio (Shareware)

FileWall is an application that allows users to encrypt files. The program is integrated in Windows Explorer. This allows users to encrypt files just by right-clicking on the file or folder and selecting the option from the menu. Users can also bring up the program’s main window by right clicking its icon, which is located on the system tray.

The program’s main interface is where users can add files or folders to be encrypted. These will be displayed on the main window and users can choose to lock or hide the items. Under the Options menu, users can also change the passwords given to each file. Users can also configure the program under the Settings menu. Some of the things that can be changed include the language for the program, time for checking updates, and the encryption algorithm used for encrypting the files. By default, files will be encrypted with AES 128-bit encryption. Users can also set hotkeys for displaying the settings window or managing the program’s window. Other key features of the application are as follows:

• Capable of encrypting files in real-time for cloud storage
• Support for two encryption algorithms (AES 128 bit and AES 256 bit)
• Users can restrict access to folders and files