CodeLine (Freeware)

FileToFolder is a file management program used for organizing files in the computer. It enables users to automatically create different folders for the files in a directory. One of the main features of the application is smart technology that automatically filters files according to their file extensions. This makes it easier for users to look for files and organize them in the computer. Furthermore, the program is fully integrated in the Windows context menu making it easier to select files for processing.

The main interface of the application is divided into different sections that are located at the left side of the main window. On the Home section, users can add the file path and set the filters for organizing files into folders. There is also a preview button so users can preview changes before they are made on the computer. Additionally, there is a Settings section where users can change the way the application behaves.

Here are the other key features of the FileToFolder application:

• Simple and easy to use interface for both novice and advanced users
• Comes with an option to reverse the process of creating a folder
• Makes organizing and sorting files according to type easier
• Does not clog up system resources