NJP (Freeware)

Neo FileTimeChange is a small utility developed by NJP and released on April 2014. The program enables users to change the date and time attributes of specific files and folders simultaneously. It is a batch processing software capable of processing more than one file at a time. The program allows users to change the time and date attributes of a file or a folder, applying the change to all the files inside that folder. The program can also load the folders and files that are in Unicode Strings.

Users may also edit the time and date that the file or program was last accessed. In case of photos, users can also change the date or time the image was captured. The program also applies to office documents like text documents, spreadsheets, or even slideshow presentations. Aside from making changes, the program allows users to delete these information instead, as well as the time zone information.

Nonetheless, the program keeps a log file where the time and date information are stored. Thus, users may restore the default time and dates or the original time and date attributes. However, once the shooting date of an image or the creation date of an office file is changed, these may no longer be restored. The program features classic grey user interface with two panels.