FileSieve 3 3.00

Joseph Cox (Freeware)

FileSieve 3 is a file management program developed by Robert Cox. This program is used to organize the user’s files and folders saved in the computer’s hard drive. With FileSieve 3, users may sort their files and folders into customizable directories that would enable them to locate files and folders easier. FileSieve 3 allows users to organize their computer files and folders using a single program, eliminating the need to go to the target file or folder and move, relocate, and rename files and folders manually. This program works by allowing users to select the directory they would want to organize, select the sorting method that would be applied to the target directory, and then start the sorting process. FileSieve 3 would then analyze the target directory and sort through the items included according to the sorting method that was set by the user in the configuration options. This program offers ten sorting methods and a variety of other file management options. FileSieve 3 also features a multi-threaded design that allows users to process files and directories in a background thread where they can pause, resume, and stop program processes at any time.

FileSieve 3 features a simple user interface that contains five main control parts. the first part contains controls that allow users to select the source directories to work on. This section contains a drop down menu for profiles, a list that displays selected directories, and buttons such as manage, add, remove, clear, load list, and save list. The next part features a folder browser used in selecting the root destination directory. The next part contains a list of sorting methods as well as additional modifiers that would be applied to the selected files and directories. The fourth part contains options used to set the copy mode while the last part contains the process modes. Users may initiate the program by clicking on the “start” button on the lower right corner of the program window.