FileShredder 1.21

Moo0 (Freeware)

FileShredder is a simple application that enables users to permanently delete files from the computer. This tool can be used in households and institutes with computers that are shared among users. The program prevents other users from accessing other users’ personal information. The program has an intuitive interface and is easy to use even for novice computer users.

The main window consists of a Drop Box where users can easily drag and drop files that they want to permanently remove from the computer. Underneath the drop box is a menu where users can choose the method to use for deleting files. There are four options available – Vaporize, Into Ashes, Extra Carefully, and Shred Once. Users can read more about the different methods by selecting one of them and clicking the “Detailed Description” button located at the bottom part of the window. The program shreds files quickly and does not clog up the system resources.

Under the View menu on the application’s main interface, users can choose from different options to change the behavior of the application. The window can be kept on top of all other windows on the computer and it can also be closed by using the mouse’s click wheel.