FILESCAN Application


FILESCAN Application is a utility program that enables users to manage their document files. This program is a type of a commercial document manager that also works as a distribution and imaging application. FILESCAN Application has features that are used to scan and edit a text document then save it as a file to be shared with other users. This program is capable of document retrieval by company, by user-defined index fields, or by means of a full-text search in a non-proprietary TIFF format. FILESCAN Application’s Document Distribution components allows users to send scanned documents using integrated e-mail, fax and print, imaging tools, import files, fax capture, batch import, e-mail capture, as well as annotations. Users can attach any type of documents such as Text, Word, Excel, PDF, etc. using FILESCAN Application. This program also supports the drag-and-drop feature, allowing users to email multiple files at a time.

FILESCAN Application features a simple interface that contains five main command buttons: Scan without formatting, Scan with formatting, Edit a file, List characters, HEX and Decimal values, and Exit. The “Scan with formatting” command allows users to scan their documents according to their desired text formatting. The Edit command allows users to edit the contents of their documents after scanning. However, heavy editing in a file may cause it to become corrupted.