Files To Phones (Freeware)

Files To Phones is an application that enables users to transfer files from a mobile phone to the computer. It supports transfer for different types of files including text messages, audio files, videos, and even contact information. Aside from transferring files to the computer, the program also supports transfer to other Bluetooth devices including game consoles, laptop computers, communicators, and other handy devices.

The program has a simple interface that consists of three tabs – Bluetooth sender, Settings, and About. Transferring of files can be done under the Bluetooth sender tab. Files ready for transfer are listed under the Files window. This window also displays basic information including the file size and the file type. Users can sync a device with the program by clicking on the ‘Start’ button under Bluetooth discovery. All devices detected by the application are listed at the bottom part of the window. Besides the devices’ name, the bottom area of the window also displays information about the device such as the name, device class, manufacturer, device address, and the detected time. The user can start sending files by simply clicking the ‘Start’ button under Bluetooth sender.

Bluetooth authentication can be set up under the Settings tab. This feature serves as a security for the Bluetooth device requiring users to provide a password first before the transferring of files ensues.