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FileRestorePlus is a recovery program that retrieves damaged, lost or deleted document files, video, photos, and music files, as well as email messages. It comes with an enhanced recovery feature for image files called Photo SmartScan. Deleted files emptied from the Recyle Bin can also be retrieved by this program, including files that were apparently lost after a partitioning error of the hard drive. Files can be recovered even after reinstalling the OS or an accidental reformat. Users can retrieve their files not just from their hard drives but also from various storage devices and peripherals that store data.

In addition, the program is compatible with every known Windows file system for floppy and hard drives including FAT12/16 aside from the current FAT32/64 systems. It also supports NTFS/NTFS5, image retrieval from SD cards, MMC, SmartMedia and Compact Flash cards. The latest release has added support for OpenOffice Documents like presentations, spreadsheets ,and texts. This version has a checkbox for letting users choose “select all” for scanning files inside a folder.

FileRestorePlus is a tool for salvaging files that have been lost or deleted. Lastly, the recovery program enables users to retrieve accidentally deleted files that they still want to retain.