LC Technology (Shareware)

FILERECOVERY is an application which allows users to recover files they have lost. Files can be lost dueto different causes such as accidental deletion, or a virus attack, among others. This application can recover files from any storage media including USB sticks and external hard drives. It has the capability to scan an entire computer and build a list of lost and deleted files. It can also search for files using a certain file name criteria. When it finds a file which matches the criteria during the scan process, it does not automatically copy the file to the hard drive. This serves as a protection feature against malicious software.

In terms of the user interface, FILERECOVERY makes use of the wizard functionality which provides detailed information to the user during the entire recovery process. It has other key features including the following:
• Disk Diagnostics – This feature allows users to run analysis of all the blocks and to see the volume as well as detect bad blocks.
• Disk Tools- This feature allows users to create and restore image files.  Users can also copy the selected disk to a different destination folder.
• View Disk – This feature allows users to search for data manually using the help of a hex viewer.
• Email Recovery – This feature allows users to recover emails from email databases such as Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Mozilla, Becky, and Eudora.