FileNet Desktop eForms

FileNet Corporation (Freeware)

FileNet Desktop eForms is a program for file and data management. FileNet Corporation originally developed this program. It is currently released by IBM. Using this program, the user can share and exchange e-forms (electronic forms) with other users within an enterprise or organization. Alternatively, they can exchange the forms with the public. The user can use the program to work on forms on his desktop or in a browser by utilizing HTML e-forms. Forms used via the software come from Desktop Form Templates that are stored in the eForms Central library.

An e-form is a paper form appearing in its version as a computer program. E-forms are used by organizations to reduce printing cost, storage requirements, distribution of prototype forms, and wasting forms that are no longer in use. Unlike paper forms, e-forms have automatically arranged formats. They can likewise compute, search, and validate information for the user. Digital signatures and email routing that come with the program significantly improve the efficiency of business processes. Completed forms that are electronically submitted lower the cost of data re-keying and issues concerning associated errors.

FileNet Desktop eForms support established Internet and intranet protocols (rules for communication or information sharing). Enterprises relying on the Internet and intranets (private computer networks operating within an organization) for private, public, or inter-organizational communications benefit from e-forms for collecting data and automation of business processes.