FILEminimizer 6.0

balesio AG (Proprietary)

FILEminimizer is a program which compresses Microsoft Office files like Powerpoint, Word and Excel by up to 98%, making it easier to share and send.  This process is done without losing the original format and quality of the files. It optimizes the files that are shared across servers and networks whose compression accelerates the loading time and relieves the servers of unnecessary stress.  In an office set-up, this can mean productivity because stresses on the servers or networks delay response times of other applications which are more crucial in day-to-day operations.  

The key features of FILEminimizer include the following:

• Maintains the original file format. Unlike other compression tools, this program does not require users to unzip their files.
• Supports all Microsoft Office  files including the 2010 versions (PPTX, DOCS, XLSX files)
• Works on embedded pictures and objects so quality is restored
• Is able to send compressed attachments with a single click
• Is able to search the network for all Microsoft office files which can make use of the compression
• Can be an add-in to Outlook and Lotus Notes so Word, Powerpoint, and Excel attachments can be compressed automatically before sending. This eliminates the need to use the program separately resulting to time savings.