FileMaker Pro

FileMaker Inc. (Proprietary)

FileMaker Pro is a file management application that allows users to keep track of important tasks using different devices. Readymade databases are included in the application, allowing users to start managing tasks faster. Tasks that can be done with the application include scheduling meetings, creating expense reports, managing events, organizing projects, creating estimates, and many others. In addition, users can imports data from Excel spreadsheets or from Bento to use with the program.

The FileMaker Pro application’s other main features are the following:

• Database Layouts – The program comes with plenty of themes that users can choose from to change the appearance of the database.
• Data Sharing – Project creators can share databases to contacts through different platforms including iPhone, iPad, and desktops. Additionally, data can be shared in different formats, such as PDF or Excel.
• Report Creation – Reporting tools are also included in the application. The tools enable users to create reports in just a few steps. The layout assistant allows users to create custom reports by choosing from different layout types.

FileMaker Pro offers webinars for users on different topics. There are webinar topics geared towards new users of the application and advanced users as well.