FileMagnet 1.3.2

Magnetism, Inc. (Freeware)

FileMagnet is an application that enables users to transfer their files between Apple devices and computer through secure wireless networks. This is way, users no longer have to email their documents and files to themselves just to move the files from the computer to the portable Apple device and vice versa. The program supports a variety of file formats that includes iWork, PDF, JPEG, TXT, GIF, PowerPoint, as well as audio and video files that can be played back in an iPhone and iPad.

As soon as the program is launched, it will prompt the user to download its desktop-based application called FileMagnet Uploader. Once both applications are launched, the user can queue files to be transferred later by importing them into the FileMagnet Uploaded via the drag-and-drop method. As soon as the user opens FileMagnet on his/her iPhone, the queued files will start to upload. Once the files are successfully transferred, a thumbnail appears next to each of the file names to make it easy for the user to locate specific files. Another unique feature of FileMagnet is its ability to display RTF documents with styled text. Users can delete files directly on their Apple devices, but creating new folders can only be done through the desktop application.