FileLocator Pro -- Professional file searching utility 7.1

Mythicsoft Ltd (Shareware)

FileLocator Pro -- Professional file searching utility, developed by Mythicsoft Ltd., is a recovery tool. It is ideal for professional use because of its rapid search capabilities. Apart from this, the application also runs a comprehensive search that makes file recovery easier for end users. This program not only helps recover lost or accidentally deleted files but also allows the user to find specific data. There are certain files that come in formats that are not commonplace, which makes these difficult to find. These types of files are almost always indecipherable but the program is equipped to recognize these files, may these be in the forms of source codes or log file entries.

FileLocator Pro -- Professional file searching utility looks for files that exist below the surface documents. It can also be used to search email clients when necessary. The interface is simple and straightforward. Users enter a particular file name, or they can search for keywords within a particular file. Apart from this, users can also choose where to search if they prefer not to undergo the full system check. When a search has been conducted, relevant results are displayed in a list, making it easier for users to find the files that they are in need of.