FileFactory Turbo 0.9.18

Doubleclick Industries (Shareware)

FileFactory Turbo is a download/upload accelerator for FileFactory. FileFactory is a file sharing cloud that enables members to upload and download different types of files. FileFactory Turbo is a tool for managing files to be uploaded or downloaded from the FileFactory cloud. The program is able to speed up the upload and download time, which is ideal when dealing with several files at the same time. The program has a simple interface where users can keep track of files. Downloading or uploading files can be paused and resumed at a later time without having to start from the very beginning. The program also allows users to download or upload files from the desktop without the need to open the FileFactory website on a browser window.

Here are the other features of the FileFactory Turbo program:

• Simple and easy to use interface that is ideal for novice computer users
• Multi-threaded downloads and uploads to make transfer speeds faster
• Does not take up a lot of system resources
• Manage all FileFactory content in just one location
• Light-weight program

The application is also integrated within the web browser (Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer) so users can access it by clicking the right mouse button.