Safer-Networking Ltd. (Freeware)

FileAlyzer is an application used for examining technical and detailed information of files. It allows for file analysis by providing file contents and properties. Files may be inserted and processed through the program file browser.

Basic file contents can also be interpreted such as resources structures which include PE, media, graphics, text, and HTML. Other information the program provides include file size, file location, file name, file attributes, file version, file creation date, file CRC-32, time and date file was last accessed, and time and date file was last written, among others. Additional detailed information provided are OpenSBI parameter values and names, anomalies, bitmap, a map, hex code, a graph, and file streams which can be object identifier, standard, or security. External libraries pertaining to ClamAV and SSDeep can be altered via the computer’s Context menu. Paste, copy, and cut functions can be applied to files. Saved and opened files can be compared. Users can be made aware of include security details such as users, administrators, and the system, INI, VirusTotal results, classification sources, and hashes. The program does not provide a help file, and can be better understood by more experienced computer users. Drag and drop function is not available.