File Uncompressor 2.3

ADLSoftware (Freeware)

ADL File Uncompressor is an application that enables users to extract the contents of archive files. An archive file is a data container that is used to store files such as documents, software, images, audio, and video in a compressed space. This application provides simple controls and takes up little space in the user’s hard drive. ADL File Uncompressor is capable of extracting files from different archive file formats. This program supports ZIP, RAR, JAR, ABC, HQX, CAB, and LZH. ADL File Uncompressor extracts the file contents of these archive file formats into three steps. First, users must select the files that they need to decompress and then import the files in the program. Users may select the destination folder where the uncompressed data will be stored. ADL File Uncompressor would then proceed to decompress the file content, which can be accessed in the destination folder. The length of decompression time depends on the archive file’s data size.

ADL File Uncompressor features a simple user interface that has two main control parts. the first part is the file list where users may drag and drop the archive files that they want to decompress. This section displays the file name, date modified, file size, and compression ratio. Users may also click on the top portion in case they would opt to use a windows explorer to import archive files. The next part contains the file browser, which is used to set the destination folder for decompressed files. This section also contains the start button, which initiates the decompression process.