File Shredder 2.50

Acesoft (Freeware)

File Shredder is a security tool application developed by Acesoft. The program follows the concept of “shredding” documents to maintain the user’s security and confidentiality. This program allows files to be deleted completely from the system. When the System Recovery search is run, the files deleted using the program will not come up in the results. The application also allows random data overwriting of up to 15 times.

File Shredder features an easy-to-use interface. It is also integrated with Windows Explorer. The user can directly delete a file from Explorer without opening the program. The files can be deleted through different actions. One would be to choose the file and click the right button. From the context menu, the user can choose “destroy with shredder”. Another option would be to drag and drop files to the program icon.

The program does not need to be installed. The user only needs to run the exe file. It is also portable and has low memory usage. The software can shred all types of data ranging from simple documents to system files. The user can delete browser history and cookies using this application. The password-protect option also prevents unauthorized access to the program.