File Renamer Turbo 2.76

Kristanix Software (Shareware)

File Renamer Turbo is an application that can rename multiple files easily. It can also rename folders. Tagging is also supported. It is useful with audio files and images.

File Renamer Turbo has the power to rename multiple files and folders quickly. Renaming lots of files in one batch can be done. Tagging the files as MP3 or M4A can be done with ease. It can also modify the date and file attributes. In addition to that, there is an option to get album information online. Users simply have to use it through the right-click menu. Command line mode is also supported.

This program also has more than 20 filters for renaming tags. Adding special data in files can also be done.   Moving files and folders is easy. Moving files to existing folders can be done. Moving files to new folders is also supported. With that, re-organizing a user's library of files can be done with ease. It can also track a file’s change history. With that option, users can redo and even undo their changes to the files. With regards to images, File Renamer Turbo can extract EXIF data from JPEG images.

Other features include:

• Option between seven GUI-skins
• Saving filter profiles
• Saving file lists
• Changing file extensions